Latest Drip marketing Trends that You Need to Know About

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Latest Drip marketing Trends that You Need to Know About

Competition is the primary motivator for Drip marketing strategy evolution and innovation. Drip arketing is no different. It has undergone several alterations and has evolved into one of the most effective marketing mediums. To guarantee that it continues to yield such fruit, you must keep up with current email trends and cutting-edge technology.

Here are the most important drip marketing trends to help you improve your approach and increase conversions.

1. Improved Email Security

As the number of cyberattacks increases, spam filters will become increasingly sensitive to dubious information. They will begin applying powerful machine learning algorithms to determine whether or not individuals wish to continue receiving your emails. 

The spam filter will measure the time spent reading the email in addition to the open and click-through rates. They will also count the number of incorrect email addresses, spam traps, and bought email IDs. 

So, it is important for you to opt for reliable drip marketing software that can provide better email security and prevent you from falling into the spam category. 

2. Interactivity and Gamification

Drip marketing software providers will be excited to provide subscribers with a rich, app-like experience with interactive emails. These emails will make it easier to purchase plane tickets, RSVP to events, and shop from your inbox. It will boost subscriber engagement and conversion rate because there is no need to visit a third-party website or landing page. 

Gamification may also help improve brand loyalty by providing a better consumer experience. Emails are all about establishing a relationship with the audience by providing them with value. So, when you put on your creative hats, make sure you strike a balance between novelty and true value for the subscriber through your interactive emails. 

3. Role of Artificial Intelligence

In the future, your emails and newsletters will be written by artificial intelligence (AI). The program will create headlines, recommend catchy subject lines, and suggest compelling email formats. Additionally, it will be able to use an RSS feed to automatically create the newsletter’s title and summary. 

The program may be instructed based on the speech tone and word count you choose. The AI will be trained by ESPs using the data of what works. It will soon be as commonplace as a grammar and spelling checker. 

4. Attribution via several channels

Multi-touch attribution will be considered by enterprise owners in order to understand how each touchpoint increases revenue for their company. For example, suppose a user stumbles across your display ad as the initial point of contact. They are then targeted with a sponsored social media ad. 

They will then be added to the drip marketing campaign. Based on this trip, you can determine the efficacy of the marketing channels and concentrate on the one with the highest conversion rate. 

Because of privacy concerns, most marketers will opt for in-house MTA. The majority of SaaS entrepreneurs and organizations will migrate to their own bare-metal, private cloud, or cloud-hosted infrastructure.

5. Designs for email

53 percent of companies need many weeks to create just one email. In 2022, marketers will switch to email design tools to speed up the process and decrease the time needed to produce email templates. With the use of email design systems, you can make consistent emails that adhere to the brand rules to the letter. 

As production times are shorter, you’ll have more time for email conception, personalization, A/B testing, and idea research. At the end of the day, using this email marketing trend will assist you in creating unique emails that perform well in the analytics report.

6. Colossal typography

There was a period when we didn’t see many sophisticated typefaces in emails. However, there will be numerous changes in the visual language of emails in 2022 and in the years to come. To capture the attention of the subscriber, email designers will use a large typeface.

Visuals are, of course, an important component of emails, but don’t forget the typographic email trend if you want to make an impression on the subscriber’s mind. 

7.Analytical Modeling

Another new trend in email marketing is predictive analytics. simply because it aids in revealing sales-generating trends. Companies will be able to develop comprehensive consumer profiles that include all information such as previous purchases, account preferences, and history behaviors by collecting zero and first-party data. 

According to these insights, which subscribers are more likely to act? That knowledge will be provided by predictive analytics approaches. 

It will also provide insight into the churn rate. You may create segments, campaigns, and journeys using this information. As a result, it will assist in developing a strong email campaign with improved personalization and a targeted experience.

8.Mobile Experience

While we have been optimizing for mobile for some time, it is worth noting again because mobile devices are rising! We increasingly consume content in a mobile-first environment.

As a result, keeping up with the newest advances in mobile technology is critical. For example, dark mode darkens the colors to make them easier on the eyes in low-light circumstances.

Emails must be optimized for dark and light settings while not interfering with critical features such as the corporate logo. Font type and size are further factors to consider. What was easy to read on paper may not be so on digital devices.


Shalesh Tiwari ! MD in sk digital media pvt ltd and guest blogger

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