Moon Sign: Aries Monthly Horoscope (February 2024)

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Moon Sign: Aries Monthly Horoscope (February 2024)

Aries Monthly Horoscope (February 2024) Health:

Aries Monthly Horoscope This month is going to be full of ups and downs from the health point of view. However, your zodiac lord will be in the ninth house in the beginning of the month and after that will come in the tenth house which will provide you with good health. Shani Maharaj of the eleventh house will also help you in removing health problems and will also give relief from old diseases, but due to Rahu sitting in the twelfth house and Ketu sitting in the sixth house, health problems can trouble you from time to time. You should be careful towards them. With this, your health will remain good and you will be able to live a good life.

Career: According to Monthly Horoscope 2024, you will get favorable results in career because on one hand, Shani Maharaj will stay in your eleventh house and will overcome all your challenges and you will remain at the forefront by defeating your opponents. Efficiency will increase. At the beginning of the month, Surya Maharaj will be present in the tenth house, which can bring you benefits in position. People working in government jobs will get special benefits during this period. After that, on 13th February, Sun will move into your eleventh house and before that, on 5th, Mars will enter your tenth house. In this way good conditions will be created in the work area. You will have to maintain good relations with your superiors because there may be some altercation with them which may go against you. In other matters you will be in good condition and you will get success in the workplace. People doing business may have to travel in connection with business, which will also prove profitable. You will establish relationships with some people who will lead to progress in your business. This month will give progress to business.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relationships:

If you are in a love relationship then the beginning of the month is going to be somewhat difficult. How strong you are in your relationship will be tested by Shani Dev who is looking at your fifth house. If your love is true then you will get a chance to take your love forward and you will spend every moment happily with your beloved. We will also go on a long journey with each other, where we will be able to give each other ample time. You will get a chance to understand and know each other and trust will increase and your relationship will mature. If the opposite situation happens, you may have to face problems and at that time stress will increase. This month is favorable for the marital life of married people because due to the favorable influence of planets on your seventh house, you will take full care of your spouse, give them attention and help them in all their work. With this your relationship will be full of happiness.


Prasad of jaggery and gram should be distributed to small children on Tuesday. Surya Namaskar should be done daily. Along with this, give water mixed with kumkum in a copper vessel to the rising red sun every day. Serving a brown or red cow on Thursday will be very beneficial for you.


This month is likely to be favorable for Aries people in many respects. You will get a chance to do a lot of work by the grace of fate. Stalled work will gain momentum. You will try to increase your immunity. Due to increase in expenses, you may have to face some stress regarding money, but income will continue. Good thoughts will come to your mind. You will participate very enthusiastically in religious matters.


If we look at your financial situation, this month will provide good income financially. Monthly Horoscope 2024 is indicating that you will have chances of profit from government sector also. Sun in the tenth house, Saturn in the eleventh house and Jupiter in the first house will make you financially mature. Your financial challenges will reduce but Rahu Maharaj, who will be sitting in the twelfth house for the whole month, will keep your expenses increasing wildly. There may be more expenditure on useless things, which will bring in money but there may be problem in saving money, hence you should pay attention to its proper utilization so that there is no loss of money. If you want to buy a big property then this month is suitable for it. You may get success. There are chances of getting profits in investing in the stock market in the latter part of the month. Aries Monthly Horoscope

Friends and Family:

This month will bring mixed results in family terms. Venus Maharaj, the lord of the second house, will be in the ninth house which will bring happiness in the family. Household income will increase. The people of the house will live together lovingly. Your father will also get health benefits and your mother’s health will also remain fine. Your relations with your siblings will be favorable and you will benefit from it. However, in the second half of the month, when Sun, Mercury and Saturn will be together in the eleventh house, Mother may have to face health problems, therefore, contact a doctor regarding her problems and get her treated. Fulfill your responsibilities well. This will get you respect and also love from your family.


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