Monthly Horoscope of Moon Sign Taurus Horoscope 2024 February

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Monthly Horoscope of Moon Sign Taurus Horoscope 2024 February

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus Health:

Taurus Horoscope This month can prove to be full of ups and downs from the health point of view The presence of Ketu Maharaj in the fifth house and the presence of Lord Jupiter in the twelfth house is not favorable from the health point of view. Apart from this, in the beginning of the month, both Mars and Venus can give you physical pain by being together in your eighth house.

Keep one thing in mind, stay away from excessively materialistic or indulgent thoughts and behavior. Due to this, secret problems may bother you. You may complain of pain in your heels or stomach upset may afflict you. Be alert about these problems. Be sure to seek medical treatment if necessary. Taurus Horoscope


From the career point of view, this month is going to be very hard work because Shani Maharaj of your own zodiac sign in the tenth house will make you work very hard. You will have to work hard only then you will get good success in your work field but it is certain that you will get the fruits of your hard work. Venus, the lord of the sixth house, is present with Mars in the eighth house due to which your opponents will try hard to trouble you.

You have to keep doing your work without paying attention to anyone’s words.

On February 12, Venus will move into your ninth house in Capricorn and then there will be good coincidences for you. Your situation in the job will start becoming favorable and your work will be visible to your superiors. People doing business may have to face ups and downs this month. In the beginning of the month, Mars, the lord of the seventh house, will be in the eighth house, due to which there may be some problems with business partners, but on the 5th, Mars will move to the ninth house, which will give you chances of business trips. Long journeys can lead to growth in your business, so go on these journeys with full preparation. You will come in contact with good people and your hard work and dedication towards your work will give you progress in your business. You may also get support from some special enlightened people in business.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relationship:

If you are in a love relationship then from the beginning of the month


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